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Quick Cycle Laundromats

'At Quick Cycle Laundromat, we pride ourselves in our convenient 'Laundry Card' system, which eliminates the need for quarters. Fully capable of handling credit/debit cards and cash, the Laundry Card system enables the customer to quickly add value to a 'Laundry Card', which can then be used to start the machines and used over and over again. With this this convenient system, we are able to offer our customers the capability to register their 'Laundry Card' and/or take advantage of our monthly promotions, such as, 'Free Dry' or 'Bonus Dollars.' Once you experience advantages of this system, you will be delighted! 

Both of our locations feature:

-The Laundry Card system

-On duty attendant

-Double to eight load washing machines
-Large capacity dryers *Earn free dry credits with every wash purchased*
-Air conditioning, vending machines & television
-Drop-Off service & soap supplies

Come to Quick Cycle Laundromat today to experience the feeling of getting your clothes cleaned right!


Check out a few of our recent reviews!

Alex L. " Favorite laundry place in Chicago burbs. Real quick, clean and easy."

Henrietta C. "Very clean. Machine all work. Love the laundry card."​

J Temp "Clean, clean, clean all machines worked. Stress free day washing!"

Carolyn B. "It's always clean and everything works."